The San Diego gay pride parade is one of the biggest parades of its kind in the United States. Officially, it is the fourth largest LGBT Pride parade, and it attracts over 200,000 spectators from all over the country.

The next annual LGBT Pride parade is scheduled to happen on 13th July 2019. The event is free to attend and will start from Hillcrest Pride Flag at 10 AM.

 You and your fellow LGBT supporters can take part in the parade by registering ahead of time with the organisers at

 The parade was first held in 1974 under the sponsorship of the Center for Social Services, an organisation formed by a group of gay men from San Diego. The first event included an informal parade at the Balboa Park, a yard sale and a potluck. Since they lacked a city permit, the parade participants had to walk only on the sidewalks. The next year, the parade got a permit and a 400 strong contingent of queer men marched on the road.

 Despite all the financial problems, they organised the parade every year. In 1989, the financial issues were solved by permanently establishing a pride organisation and staffing it with professionals. The original march used to happen in June. But in 1991, they moved it to July to improve attendance and logistics.

The parade route underwent several changes over the years. Currently, the march starts at Hillcrest Pride Flag and moves west on University Ave., and concludes Quince Dr, covering a total of 1.5 miles.

Over the years, the parade has attracted followers and haters. In 1994, a group called ‘The Normal People’ tried to take part in the parade to oppose the ideas of the gay pride parade. But they didn’t get permission, and the court threw out the objection.

Despite all efforts to stop them, the gay pride parade continues to thrive.